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The New Mexico Common Course Numbering System (NMCCNS) was developed to improve the transfer of courses between New Mexico's public and tribal higher education institutions (HEIs). The NMCCNS includes all lower division (1000 – and 2000 – level) courses offered in the state.

Within the NMCCNS, courses may be equivalent or unique. Equivalent courses are offered at multiple institutions and share a prefix, number, title, description, and learning outcomes. Using the search boxes below, you can identify which courses are equivalent and guaranteed to transfer between the institutions that offer the course.

This tool will show you which courses are unique and only offered at a single institution. Unique courses are not guaranteed to transfer.

You can search for course information in three different ways including by Course, School Name or by Comparing School equivalencies. To retrieve information please select the manner in which you wish to search and enter the appropriate search criteria.

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